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Type of Air Conditioning
  • Wall unit
  • Full chemical overhaul services – RM180/unit
  • Eco cleaning chemical services – RM120/unit
  • Ceiling cassette
  • Full chemical overhaul services – RM320/unit
  • Eco cleaning chemical services – RM230/unit
Each package includes:
  • Chemical / overhaul cleaning of indoor unit
  • Chemical cleaning of outdoor unit
  • Inspection and health checks of thermostats and outdoor compressor
  • Flushing of drainage piping and drain pan
  • 30-days workmanship warranty
Types of Servicing
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • An effective servicing method to clean the entire indoor unit quickly, using eco-friendly chemical solutions and water bag technology
  • Recommended for every 3 months
  • Overhaul Cleaning
  • A through servicing method that entails disassembling the whole indoor unit and washing each component individually, using eco-friendly chemical solution
  • Recommended for every 6 months
Additional Notes:
  • Our packages do not include repairs and part replacements
  • If any checking or necessary repair is needed, our specialist will provide you with a separate quote before they start their work. An inspection fee will be charged if no servicing or repair was done
  • Wall mounted chemical servicing is not applicable for Panasonic Sky Series Air Conditioner
  • Should your aircond require gas refill after inspection:
  1. R-410/R32 gas – RM40 for every 20 psi
  2. R22 gas – free for the first 20 psi, then RM40 for every subsequent 20 psi

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